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Resolved! SAE j1939 stack or library

Hi, I have a question to the ST community. I'm currently working on a project including an ECU form a diesel engine. The ECU uses J1939 for communication. I need to be able to read messages en send to the ECU. To do that I'm using an STM3210E-EVAL. I...

Smdeint by Associate III
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Resolved! stlink v2 not connecting to stm32f405

Hi everyone,I recently build a custom PCB with a stm32f405, but every time I try to connect to it with a stlink v2 it gives an error. Target no device foundError in initializing ST-LINK device.Reason: No device found on target. I already managed to p...

wv1106 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F407IGT6 Ethernet Error

Is there an example or link where I can see the code for STM32F407IG Ethernet (UDP) communication? tried LWIP (UDP) communication by looking at the example in the link, but can you tell me why ...

Decoupling capacitor placement

Hi,I am currently optimizing some designs and started thinking about decoupling capacitors. As far as I know, it is a rule of thumb to place "one 100 nF capacitor per V+ pin".In the attached document, ST recommends exactly this. Let´s look at the doc...

RWeil.2 by Associate III
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