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WIFI module

Hello everyone, I am working with the STM32H7B3I-DK board and I need to establish wi-fi module. I am facing problems with the spi2 and usart2 communication. I saw in the documentation that these are two possible ways to communicate with wifi modules....

Can we set Boot0 in Software?

Hello,I am working on a project where we have a main board and a header board connected via SPI. We have the ability to update the firmware of the main board over the air but not for the header board. We now have a need to update the firmware of the ...


Resolved! How to view the manual for HSE

Hello,I purchased a soldering crystal for X3 according to the BOM list,but it seems that the X4 on the board is the same product.Where is the X4 used?I checked UM2407 User Manual and STM32H742xI/G, STM32H743xI/G datasheets,but couldn't find it. Plus,...


Resolved! STLink v3 Not in Device Manager

Hello  I have been using an STLink v3 pod successfully for several months but suddenly it stopped working.  The green light is lit and the red one flashes slowly.  I cannot see it in Device Manager and there are no Unknown Devices.  There is no chime...

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STM32U575 Nucleo Board SMBUS

I'm new to using the Nucleo environment I am not seeing any activity on the PB10 and PB11 when using the SMBUS_TwoBoards_ComIT_Master example, when looking at those pins on a scope.    I only have one board currently. - Board: NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q (embeds...