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Nucleo decoupling for VDDA and VDD

I'm new to STM32 and designing my first STM32F446RE-64 pin PCB. For reference and education, I'm using the Nucleo-64 STM32F446 board, the STMF4 datasheet and the STMF4 getting started with MCU hardware development guide. I have the following questi...

Kameleon by Associate
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SM32F4 PCR_ON connected to GND

Hi,we have an STM32F27ZI with VDD at 3.6V.We connected by mistake PDR_ON to GND while we drive the NRST with an external voltage monitor as in the picture.reset circuit to NRSTPower upPower downYellow -> 3.6, Purple -> Reset, Green-> PDR_ON In additi...

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Resolved! Higher GPIO control than VDD

Hello.​I use STM32G071GBU6, and I designed the VDD voltage to use 1.8V.​I have some questions on the board.​1. 3.3V GPIO OUTPUT CONTROL- Should I set the GPIO pin of the MCU to open drain and connect it?​​2. 3.3 Volt UART Communication ( TX,RX)- Shou...

Resolved! How to use ST-Link V2 with STM32IDE

Hello,I would like to use a stlink V2 programmer purchased here 2548 Adafruit Industries LLC | Schede di sviluppo, kit, programmatori | DigiKey with a STM32 microcontroller(STM32G041) and STM32IDE.I am using serial wire debug and connections should b...

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Tommino by Senior
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Resolved! Hi, I bought a NUCLEO-H7A3ZI-Q, and I updated the firmware, from that on, I cant connect to the target whatever I do.

The port is showing in device manager and I can update/downgrade the firmware but I cant flash it. I had some similar problem with a bluepill but I put BOOT0 on 1 and erased the chip. After that it worked. I did the same with this board but it tells ...

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SLori.2 by Associate II
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STM32F207VCT6 reference schematics

The MCU STM32F207VCT6 reference schematics used in our design is made exactly in the same as NUCLEO reference design except for the feedback resistor for the 8MHz oscillator; our design doesn't have that resistor. MCU doesn't connect via SWD.*Edited ...

SAgra.2 by Associate II
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