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Resolved! Arduino milis() function stm32f103xx

I am trying to port some Arduino library to stm32. In Arduino, millis() returns the number of milliseconds since boot. Is there an equivalent function in stm32? I am using stm32f103 MCU.

Bicer by Associate II
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Resolved! How to add HAL Library in STM32F1 in Keil.

Hi,I'm looking for the right steps to add the Hal library to a Keil project.i already have the stm32f1xx hal library that include the hal and the cmsis folders (src and include).i'm facing some problem with linking the library. so if someone can tell...

MAhme.6 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H753XI-EVAL2 + IAR + I-Jet binary download error

Any one have the following configuration.HW: STM32H753XI-EVAL2Toolchain: IAR EWARM 8.20.2Debugger: IAR I-jetI am getting "Download completed but verification failed." error for the example project UART_HyperTerminal_IT in STM32 MCU Cube Firmware Pack...

KGane.1 by Associate III
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I2S Trasmit complete callback not called in circular mode

Hello,I am using Keil uVision 5 and I am using the STM32F4xxx_DFP 2.14 drivers.I want to configure my I2S peripheral in full duplex with DMA in circular mode, but I have this issue with the drivers:- the transmit/receive complete interrupt is called ...

AGhez by Associate III
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Resolved! Demo program for STM32F769I DISCO board is not compiling in SW4STM32 IDE. ERROR "recipe for target ‘Middlewares/USBH_Library/Core/usbh_core.o’ failed"

IHello,I am new to stm32 board, I have a new STM32F769I DISCO board.I have downloaded the firmware�?en.stm32cubef7_v1-16-0�? from ST.com to run a “STemWin�? project under “demonstration�? folder for “STM32F769I-Discovery�?.While Build project i get t...

PULAG.1 by Associate
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