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Question regarding alignment in keil scatter file.

I'm quite confused when it comes to alignment.I opened linker script to make some modifications, so that I can fit two binaries into flash. (Relatively new to embedded, but frankly I learn fast).I use stm32f091Rx. Which has 256kB of flash memory.A li...

Vmere.1 by Senior
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When I am uploading a program via Arduino IDE, it is giving me an error as " arm-none-eabi/9.2.1/../../../../arm-none-eabi/bin/ld.exe: region `FLASH' overflowed by 18724 bytes"and " exit status 1Error compiling for board Generic STM32F0 series."Pleas...

Can not find STM32G483 MCU in stvp utility?

I have made combine hexfile of BOOTLOADER+Application and i want to load that hexfile using STVP utility. But can not find STM32G483 MCU in device selection of STVP tool.As before i were using STM32F030CC mcu which is available but can not find STM32...

djtilava by Associate II
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Reset And Run option not working in keil

I am using custom board with STM32F373C8.IDE- Keil 5.29.STM32Cubemx - 6.2.0STM32F0 Discovery board is used to flash the program into my board.I am trying to write simple LED blinking code. Code works fine.But when I am downloading it to my board it d...

Bs.1 by Associate II
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stm32f030c8tx bricked?

I have finally managed to access these chips using a SEGGER.... I have no idea why but STLINKv2 and CUBE programmer won't access the same chips.Anyway, as I've finally gained access I have flashed my chips to test that they were properly functioning....

AHolm.1 by Associate
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