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Resolved! STM32H725 and ST-LINK Utility - Can not connect

Hello,I'm using a STM32H725 microcontroller.I'm able to connect and flash the microcontroller with STM32CubeIde and with STM32_Programmer_CLI.exe, using ST-LINK dongle.When I try to connect the microcontroller with ST-LINK Utility on windows, it alwa...

Albeno by Visitor
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Disabling iwdg in debug with Visual Studio Code

Hi,I have been using stm32cubeide for years but I never understood anything about GDB and the toolchain.I discovered the visual studio code interface with interest (the code is incredibly more readable in vsc by default) and I said to myself that it ...

po221 by Senior
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Including external header files in project

I have used cube ide for a short while, and have written (in C) some header files for different sensors and whatnot. I have a folder that gathers all these headers on my pc. In cube ide i have been referencing these headers such that i did not copy t...

mpent by Associate
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Resolved! Read 96 bit UDID through serial bootloader or SWD

Hello,I am working on the STM32F103xx. I need to read out the 96 bit UDID (unique device ID) of the devices during production. Is there any way of reading this out from the serial bootloader on UART1 or through the SWD interface? I searched the AN315...

machinist by Associate III
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XML graphic IDE for embedded web serverapplications

Good morning everyone.I would like to have a good starting point for creating a micro web server application regarding the creation of XML content. I find millions of tutorials and ideas on how to deal with it, but nothing that can help me create the...

Debugging with OpenOCD and STLink v3 in VSCode

I started a new job where everyone is using VSCode so I'm attempting to be a good citizen and use it to. Before this I used STM32CubeIDE. Unfortunately nobody is here to help me today and I'm hoping to work over the holidays. I can build in VSCode fo...

VSCode for STM32 extension 1.0.0 released

VSCode for STM32 extension 1.0.0 is available nowSTM32 VS Code ExtensionSTM32 embedded development support added to Visual Studio Code.A new STM32 VS Code Extension view container is added to the activity bar which contains lists of functionality tha...