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Option Bytes programming by Keil

I'm trying to program option bytes in STM32G4 series by Keil, I did steps below but still some problem exists:Add "STM32G4xx_SB_OPT.s" file from Keil pack directory to projectAdd "STM32G4xx dual bank Flash Options" algorithm in Flash Download tabI st...


Error Writing 64 bit in FLASH

Tranferring data from serial input,(in my case idDA), or from an SD, may be you try to write a double word a time (64bit) in flash area and you may use the:HAL_FLASH_Program(FLASH_TYPEPROGRAM_DOUBLEWORD, flash_ptr,codeData64). This function calls th...

Question regarding alignment in keil scatter file.

I'm quite confused when it comes to alignment.I opened linker script to make some modifications, so that I can fit two binaries into flash. (Relatively new to embedded, but frankly I learn fast).I use stm32f091Rx. Which has 256kB of flash memory.A li...

Vmere.1 by Senior
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DfuSe Demo v3.0.6 doesn't flash stm32f722ret6

I was trying to flash stm32f722ret6 via DFU mode. DfuSe Demo typing successful status but firmware doesn't update.But when I download .hex file via ST-LINK a firmware works. What could be the problem?

0693W00000QNm4kQAD.jpg 0693W00000QNm59QAD.jpg
ab.2 by Associate II
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Error message tells me No source available for "__do_global_dtors_aux() at 0x80001ac". I can't seem to solve this problem, does anyone have any ideas?

Hello, I want to write/read on the flash memory. For that I made a small program (attached). My program works on Keil5 but when I switch to Atollic TrueStudio when I want to debug an error message tells me No source available for "__do_global_dtors_a...

EVesi.1 by Associate
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Failure at line 13 in Target software startup scripts

Hello,I use STM32F407 MCU and when debugging with Attolic True studio v 9.3.0 I SOMETIMES got following error:Failure at line 13 in Target software startup scriptsError finishing flash operation. I attach linker and startup files.Any help will be app...

LPola.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32L4R: How do Flash Option DBANK and DB1M interacts?

In FLASH_OPTR, both DBANK and DB1M are r/w and have no restrictions beside that PCROPA/B needs to be disabled. For 1M device there are two(?) sensible settings DBANK=1, DB1M = 1 for 1Myte dual bank continous modeDBANK=0, DB1M = 0 for 1Myte single ban...

Problems with setup of STM32H753-EVAL2 Evaluation Board

I'm trying to get the STM32H753-EVAL board to work. - The power supply unit is connected, the demo software runs fine - The board is connected to my PC via an USB cable ... an ST-Link Virtual COM port is visible in the device manager. - In STM32CubeM...

recently by Associate II
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