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CAN Bus between STM32F103 and Arduino

I have a few arduino boards communicating through each other on a CAN Bus. Arduino is connected to a MCP2515 CAN Bus Module TJA1050.All arduino are communicating properly between each other. Here is an example of my reader on arduino:#include "MIDIUS...

STM32L5 family does not support CAN ?

Hello, I'm working with Mbed on STM32L552RE.As far as I could see the STM32L5 family with Mbed does not support CAN yet.Can I know if it is planned, and if so when ?Bests regards.

LDidi.1 by Associate
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Can I find the end of memory in a bin file?

Hello,Currently, the generated binary file is 1 MB but with 96% of '0'.Obviously, it's quite long to transfer via CAN to update the firmware, mostly for 'nothing'.I can see that the 'end' of my code is: 1000 0000 0100 0000 4078 7d01 0000 0000Is it...

ABonn.1 by Associate
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Timestamp with can_message.h is not working

I try to use the timestamp function from can_message.h to know the timestamp of a message received on the CAN.But the value is every time 0. Is it a knowed bug?Because I use this function with another hardware without problem.With STM32 I'm not able ...

TGIRA.1 by Associate II
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can_message.h is missing

Hi everyone,I am trying to build a simple SIMULINK CAN Communication model using an STM32 MCU: STM32-F405RG.Within STM32CubeMX, I select the right MCU and also enable the CAN1 (Pinout&Configuration\Connectivity\CAN1 -> Tick on "Master Mode") which ...

DCagi.1 by Associate II
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Linker error in IAR

We are using stm32f429i-eval board , with Touchgfx for GUI and IAR embedded tool.We are facing the following issue:Error[Li005]: no definition for "HAL_CAN_Init" [referenced from C:\TouchGFXProjects\MyApplicationpost\target\IAR\Debug\Obj\Screen1View....

ananya by Associate II
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