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Resolved! We're programming STM32F302 chip and getting an "unable to get core ID" failure. We've used the following hardware successfully numerous times on various PC's with success. Any ideas why this isn't working? Hardware setup in detials.

•STMicro programmerhttps://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/stmicroelectronics/STLINKV3MINI/10266291?s=N4IgTCBcDaIMoBUAyBJAcgaQLQDUDMAsuiiALoC%2BQA•Programmer cablehttps://www.tag-connect.com/product/tc2030-ctx-stdc14-for-use-with-stm32-processors-...

Ybelf.1 by Associate
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External execution using Simulink and STM32F303

HelloI am currently working on a project were we would like to use the STM32F303 board. We would like to debug it using the external execution mode of Simulink, but I am having problems for generating the code.I have been following the "STM32_MAT-Tar...

0693W00000BdeqTQAR.png 0693W00000BdeqnQAB.png
AOrdo.1 by Associate
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Reset And Run option not working in keil

I am using custom board with STM32F373C8.IDE- Keil 5.29.STM32Cubemx - 6.2.0STM32F0 Discovery board is used to flash the program into my board.I am trying to write simple LED blinking code. Code works fine.But when I am downloading it to my board it d...

Bs.1 by Associate II
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IDE / toolchain for direct register access?

Hi. Any recommendations for an IDE and toolchain for a Nucleo board with STM32f3xx. I want to be close to the metal and would like to access registers directly example:TIMER1_BASE->CR1 |= 0X0001; // Start timerCapture[edge] = TIMER2_BASE->CCR1​;I wa...

RMalc.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! What is the digital pins's frequency of Nucleo-f303K8?

I tried to find the frequency that the digital ports of Nucleo-F303k8 can accept data (example: the arduino works with 10kHz on these pins), but i couldn't find anywhere. Someone can help me? I need to use some sensors and I need this information to ...

Rinoue by Associate II
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