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SPI communication while debuging

Hi,I using STM32F407IG in IAR Embedded workbench.When I debug the program the SPI communication does not work.what could be the reason?Without debug the SPI work

Aldo1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Target H723 with IAR EW for ARM 8.50.x

Hi, I would like to migrate a code on STM32F271 to a chip STM32H723 while using IAR EW 8.50.xMy problem is that H723 is not in the target list for  IAR EW 8.50.5I can target H723 with IAR EW 9.20 but in that way I loose compatibility with other softw...

Not Available to do Flash in STM32F4

Spoiler  We have Custom board that build Around STM32F4 and we are using IJET Debugger and ST Link Debugger for Flashing from IAR Tool but Unavailable to Flash Code in Micro Controller.Error is Error while Calling macro ExecUserFlashExit.if Anyone Kn...

AGond.2 by Associate III
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XML graphic IDE for embedded web serverapplications

Good morning everyone.I would like to have a good starting point for creating a micro web server application regarding the creation of XML content. I find millions of tutorials and ideas on how to deal with it, but nothing that can help me create the...

Resolved! STM32G030K6T6 fails to respond to bootloader I2C

Have STM32G030K6T6 system that in bootloader mode fails to respond to I2C.Am asserting BOOT0 pin 25, negating NRST pin 6, wait 500ms, asserting NRST pin 6, wait three seconds, then attempt to send MCU erase packet to I2C1 device address 0x57 but get ...