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HAL i2c & SPI initialization help needed

Hi.I'm using PlatformIO with stm32duino with a NUCLEO-L476RG. I finally figured out how to configure the clocks in CubeMX and then copy the "void SystemClock_Config(void)" function into my main.cpp code and it seems to work great.One question I have ...

YGagn.1 by Associate
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Hardfault in STM32L4S5ZI with IAR

Hi ST Community,I have a project running on STM32L4S5ZI and I use IAR for compiling and flashing of the firmware. My application has a file system (a 16MB flash memory) that is interfaced with the STM32 using an SPI interface. The device also has a w...

SJant.1 by Associate III
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External Mode with STM32L476RG not working

Hi all.I'm trying to run external mode simulation using:Matlab R2022a.CubeMx 6.2.0STM32 Mat\Target(not sure which version) Nucleo L476RGI have created a simple LED example to test the external mode and I used the Embedded Coder to integrate it with t...

MArvi.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32L4R: How do Flash Option DBANK and DB1M interacts?

In FLASH_OPTR, both DBANK and DB1M are r/w and have no restrictions beside that PCROPA/B needs to be disabled. For 1M device there are two(?) sensible settings DBANK=1, DB1M = 1 for 1Myte dual bank continous modeDBANK=0, DB1M = 0 for 1Myte single ban...

power consumption stm32l4 in lprun mode

HiI am using stm32l496 in lprun mode but the current consumption is equal to 1.2 mA while in run mode the current consumption is equal to 3 mA while in the datasheet, the current consumption in the lprun mode is about 220 uA.how can I reduce the curr...

alianvari by Associate III
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