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There is an error in code even though it seems to be completely right.I am trying to glow the LED with the help of touch slider present on stm32l152-DISCOVERY board.I used the reference pdf for this purpose and did all the steps as mentioned in there .

I am just getting one error and it dosent seem to go.Can anyone help me to figure out why this error is coming and help me to resolve it asap.I have attached a screenshot of the same for the refrence below.

TPati.2 by Associate
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Unable to debug on STM32L151VE via IAR Embedded Workbench

We've got some piece of code that we would like to debug on the MCU. This works fine with the previous hardware version of our product, which uses an STM32L151RET6.On our new hardware version using the STM32L151VE, however, debugging from IAR does no...

zhm by Associate
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Stm32 locked in System Workbench

Hello. Today when I was programming my STM32L151CBU6A on System Workbench I get a message like this when trying to release or debug. In STLINK I find option bytes and uncheck protected areas but it doesn't help. Still the same issue. I can normall pr...

MPole by Associate II
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startup script for dual bank debugging

I'm working with the STM32L152RE, which has dual flash banks. Each bank has a binary file image loaded. I'm trying to start the debugger in Bank 1 (0x08000000), have it stop at main() (or some specific address) and debug in assembly. I haven't been a...

LThal by Associate II
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