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Multi Channel ADC Configuration STM32G4

Hello everyone,I'm having a hard time polling multipe channels on an ADC triggered with a Timer on my stm32g474re nucleo board through the STM32 MAT library. Would anyone with a similar experience care to provide an example?

suicich by Associate
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How to read ADC on B-L475E board

I simply want to read A0 analog pin through terminal on Truestudio however after weeks of trying I need help. My step-by-step guide on what I have done is below:In STM32CubeMX I initialised all peripherals. I set PA0 as ADC1_IN5. I initialised ADC1_I...

JMerr.1 by Associate II
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Enable ADC_1 interrupt

Posted on April 27, 2018 at 16:36How do I enable ADC_1 interrupt in NVIC manually, (by manually I mean without using any library) in STM32F103RB?#interrupt #nvic #stm32f103rb #keil-ide #adc