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STM32 VS Code Extension and Devcontainer

I am a happy VSCode developer using docker devcontainers to create an easily reproducible environment for development. I am struggling with a strange bug with the "STM32 VS Code Extension" (v2.0.1).If I try to access it, after opening the container, ...

pcb by Associate II
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STM32F1 DFP problem

Keil MDK Device DatabaseIf no parameter, it needs to look like thisSo, MDK can not setting "Option for target-debug" correctly 

Shiina_1-1711786767072.png Shiina_3-1711787043912.png Shiina_2-1711786921695.png
Shiina by Associate II
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Arduino UNO R3 with the x-nucleo-iks01a3

Hi, i connected the Arduino UNO R3 with the motion MEMS and environmental sensor evaluation board system: X-NUCLEO-IKS01A3 of ST. I installed the library (STM32duino,LSM6DSO), and tried to create a code for a self-balancing robot. But it doesn't prin...

Giuseppe1 by Associate III
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Vcpkg issue

I'm using a VS Code extension that most probably uses `vcpkg`. After installing this extension, each time I run VS Code I get the following error:> Using vcpkg executable at "c:\Users\Luka\.vscode\extensions\ms-vscode.vscode-embedded-tools-0.7.0-win3...

lgacnik97 by Associate III
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