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Is the bootloader host code available in some form?

I am working on a project where several STM32L0xx processors will be running under a Raspberry Pi 4+ system. The desire is to be able to use the SystemBootloader on these to be able to do firmware updates. I know that the documentation from ST is eno...

DavePfz by Associate II
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Debugging, but not running.

Hey,I build my own STM32 board with the STM32L011G3 and started testing with a simple blinking program via SWD and ST-Link V2.  When I'm debugging it, everything works fine, but when I use the run command in SW4STM32 the LED lights up, but does not t...

STM32L031G6XXSUXS device is not found in Keil MDK5

 I am using stm32L031G6U6S controller , to generate code stm32cubeMX is using MDK5 for IDE,I am able to select stm32L031G6U6S device in stm32cubeMX but in MDK5 its showing one or more DFP is not finding even after updating DFP of L0 latest version , ...

Sgr.1 by Associate II
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I2C slave transmit getting first byte as ffffffff

I am using i2c ,arduino as master and stm32l073RZ as slave.When I transmit from arduino(master) to slave(st) via i2c.I am getting correct values.But when I slave transmit from st the first byte received in arduino-master is ffffffff,the other bytes a...

RChan.3 by Associate
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