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Log Data externally with STM32F767ZI and Simulink

Hey everyone,I want to use a STM32F767ZI to develop driving safety functions for electric scooters.The functions and Code are developed on Simulink using the Support Package for nucleo boards. I would like to log data from the MCU directly to a SD-Ca...

LKlau.1 by Associate
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HAL i2c & SPI initialization help needed

Hi.I'm using PlatformIO with stm32duino with a NUCLEO-L476RG. I finally figured out how to configure the clocks in CubeMX and then copy the "void SystemClock_Config(void)" function into my main.cpp code and it seems to work great.One question I have ...

YGagn.1 by Associate
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Problems sending SPI Data from STM32 to arduino

I'm trying to learn how to communicate via SPI with STM32 but I've run into some problems.The first step i took was to implement SPI communications using two arduino unos: the master writes a byte and the slave responds with another byte according to...

HPont.2 by Associate
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Sending and receiving more then 4 bytes with SPI Block

I'm working with MAT-TARGET for several months by now and it is a great tool.In the past few days I encountered a problem regarding the maximum amount of bytes i can send throw the SPI Block (using Simulink R2019b) , while sending & receiving 4 bytes...

Grege.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Configure SPI on stm32f205

Hello!How can I configure only the MISO pin in the mode falling edge triggered interrupt input? It's not possible to do it on CubeMX. I tried to change the spi.c file like follows:/**SPI3 GPIO Configuration  PA15   ------> SPI3_NSS  PC10   ------> SP...

Kolab by Senior
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Hi, I have this TFT SPI Touch Display ILI9341, program Arduino 1.6.5., and developement board STM32F103C8T6. And I need initialize the display.I have program, but all Power Mode, MADCTL Mode is 0xFF !!! on output.WHERE I HAVE PROBLEM ????? code is in deta

#include <Adafruit_GFX.h> // this line I have added#include "SPI.h"#include "Adafruit_GFX_AS.h"#include "Adafruit_ILI9341_STM.h"// For the Adafruit shield, these are the default.#define TFT_DC   PA0   //  (Green) #define TFT_CS   PA1   //  (Orange) #...

TZ by Associate
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Resolved! Incorrect value stored in SPI DR register on STM32F407

Hi,I'm using a STM32F4 Discovery board which has a STM32F407VG with a LIS3DSH accelerometer which is connected by SPI. I'm trying to read a register from the accelerometer and I tried writing the address of the register to SPI->DR. But SPI->DR shows ...

GTS.1 by Associate III
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SPI send dummy data

Hello, I am using stm32f429i discovery boards for spi communication. I am using HAL libraries, trying to send dummy data, but my DR register is not getting updated, , I am using atollic truestudio, I kept the clock of both boards same can anyone help...

MGaja.1 by Associate
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