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Resolved! STM32L4R: How do Flash Option DBANK and DB1M interacts?

In FLASH_OPTR, both DBANK and DB1M are r/w and have no restrictions beside that PCROPA/B needs to be disabled. For 1M device there are two(?) sensible settings DBANK=1, DB1M = 1 for 1Myte dual bank continous modeDBANK=0, DB1M = 0 for 1Myte single ban...

Atollic White paper on Bootloaders

Hello!Previously there was a nice write-up on custom Bootloader+App setup on Atollic website:https://info.atollic.com/hubfs/Whitepapers/Atollic_Develop_Debug_BootloaderApps_ARMCortex.pdf​​Now this link redirects to ST website, but document is absent ...