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HAL i2c & SPI initialization help needed

Hi.I'm using PlatformIO with stm32duino with a NUCLEO-L476RG. I finally figured out how to configure the clocks in CubeMX and then copy the "void SystemClock_Config(void)" function into my main.cpp code and it seems to work great.One question I have ...

YGagn.1 by Associate
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Resolved! NUCLEO-G474re Arduino I2C not working.

I'm trying to do a quick eval of a NUCLEO-G474re board for use of the SoC as a product communication controller (I2C, SPI, RS-485, etc.), initially using the Arduino environment for rapid testing. Initial attempt to bring up I2C causes NO activity on...

BCunn.1 by Associate
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I2C slave transmit getting first byte as ffffffff

I am using i2c ,arduino as master and stm32l073RZ as slave.When I transmit from arduino(master) to slave(st) via i2c.I am getting correct values.But when I slave transmit from st the first byte received in arduino-master is ffffffff,the other bytes a...

RChan.3 by Associate
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Clock Held Low Using DMA

Hello everyone, im currently studying DMA on STM boards, and im trying to send I2C messages from a mcu SLAVE (arduino) to STM32F407VET6 master, but both SCL and SDA lines is held low, it doesn´t happen when im using I2C in polling or interrupt mode, ...

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IC2 2 is interfering PB3.

Hello.I have a problem with STM32L051C8T6. I have uppdated an old project with a I2C bus connected to I2C 2 pins PB10 and PB11. The I2C bus works fine but it interferes with my port PB3. In file STM32L0XX_HAL_I2C.C the PB3 is Cleared (Reset) by this ...

BLilj.1 by Associate
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