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STM32L5 family does not support CAN ?

Hello, I'm working with Mbed on STM32L552RE.As far as I could see the STM32L5 family with Mbed does not support CAN yet.Can I know if it is planned, and if so when ?Bests regards.

LDidi.1 by Associate
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fpscr is a status register in STM32L5x2 which has arm cortex M33 ? If yes it can be accesible in c or cpp IAR project using asm volatile instuctions?

Hello all,  Please confirm fpscr is a special status register in STM32 L5 series controller?The IAR compiler is giving "Illegal register name" error, when I tried to execute the instuctions in c or cpp project using "asm volatile(mrs and msr instu...

Ak.1 by Associate II
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