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st-link USB driver problem

my PC can't communicate with the stm32F7508-dk board. I installed st-link USB driver successfully (see image) but it doesn't appear in the windows device manager (se image) and it doesn't run. In the ST-Link utility program I have 'no ST-LINK detecte...

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MJean.3 by Associate III
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HAL CDC Transmit dropping and duplicating data

I have an issue where CDC transmission from an STM32L4 is dropping or duplicating data.Here is a simple test case that runs from main.c extern USBD_HandleTypeDef hUsbDeviceFS; static uint8_t UserTxBufferFS[100];   void TestSerial() { // connect ...


COM Port Terminal Debug Gone in Windows 10

(After installing the virtual com port, cannot access)(Current visual with the recognized STM32 link Ukeil and other tools recognize)I used to see com ports via the device manager in windows 10. I've installed the Link 009 drivers for stm32 boards an...

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ABeau.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Demo program for STM32F769I DISCO board is not compiling in SW4STM32 IDE. ERROR "recipe for target ‘Middlewares/USBH_Library/Core/usbh_core.o’ failed"

IHello,I am new to stm32 board, I have a new STM32F769I DISCO board.I have downloaded the firmware�?en.stm32cubef7_v1-16-0�? from ST.com to run a “STemWin�? project under “demonstration�? folder for “STM32F769I-Discovery�?.While Build project i get t...

PULAG.1 by Associate
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the STM32F401C is not discovered

I have Windows10 build Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763I installed DFuse v 3.0.6.The USB detection does not detect my STM32F401c-disco in DFU MODE.In the win device manager no STM device is listed.My USB cable is good, the port is good. What driver is ...