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Resolved! Variable runover before it reaches its limit

Hello everyone,My variable had a Runover even before it reached its range.Currently, I am working with timer 2 with a frequency of 90MHz. When I retrieved the current time by `__HAL_TIM_GET_COUNTER()` and printed it by `printf("receive_time: %lu\n", ...

HNguy.25 by Associate III
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STM32L5 family does not support CAN ?

Hello, I'm working with Mbed on STM32L552RE.As far as I could see the STM32L5 family with Mbed does not support CAN yet.Can I know if it is planned, and if so when ?Bests regards.

LDidi.1 by Associate
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I want to generate 16 MHZ clock signal from Nucleo-F746ZG development board. I have used FastPWM library to generate 16 MHZ clock on PA_8 pin. But not able to see square wave on CRO. Can someone please help

#include "mbed.h" #include "FastPWM.h" FastPWM fastpwm(PA_8,1); int main() { fastpwm.period(5.25e-8 ); fastpwm.write(0.5); }This is my simple code to generate PWM in MHZ using FastPWM. When i check on CRO its showing frequency about 16 to 19 MHZ b...

Cjosh.1 by Associate II
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