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USB-PD default role initialize & change

Hi supporter,I have one question: I want to change Port Role when no cable connect, can I do it?my behavior:Init usbpd with default role is Sinkwhen my application running, I see my adapter plugin, I want change my port to sinkCan I do that?

H V N D by Associate III
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Facing CRC checksum issue with STM32CubeIDE, it doesn't generate automatic checksum what are the steps need to follow generate checksum and attach end of the application. Do i need do any configuration in linker file Flash.ld ? please help me.

i am integrating STL XCUBE class-B 2.2.0 Packages with STM32L433 controller here issue with CRC test failing, what are configuration required to generate checksum attach end of application.This patch i found in the SWSTM32 IDE linker file  /* check ...

NPULI.1 by Associate II
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required I2S clock frequency

Hi, I am using MP34DT05TR-A microphone with stm32f401re mcu. What is the I2s clock frequency required to get 24bit data at 48Khz sampling frequency. I also need to know the rate at which the data will be received from I2S?. Is it same as the sampling...

KK Y.1 by Associate II
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Hello Experts Could anyone suggest me how to convert the raw PCM values received in log file be to mp3 or .wav formats .And if there any libraries that could be included or any method? after conversion storing that into sdmmc and play that as loopback?

The Acquired PDM signal is from VM3000 mic and PDM2PCM conversion using stm32f745?could the acquired values be played as loopback to verify whether the acquired sound is in audible frequency to human ears? How could this be validated? all suggestions...

SG.4 by Associate II
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stm32L072cz PDM to PCM

Hi, I have stm32l072cz and I need to connect a digital microphone and make a sound level meter. There are no questions with the connection microphone, but there was a problem with the conversion of PDM to PCM. As I understand the library AudioPDM-MW ...

Vandr.1 by Associate II
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