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Configuring SAI to record mono on FS/LR low

I don't think that what I am asking is possible with the STM32476 that we are using, but it would be nice to have confirmation. We currently have a stereo setup that uses two I2S microphones hooked up to SAI1. Everything works great, but sometimes we...

jw56 by Associate III
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STM32G474RETX UCPD Rx/Tx Problem

Hi,  Used UCPD module to transfer UVDM packets. After some time, the UCPD module is not transmitting and receiving the data. For reception we have enabled RXMSGENDIE , RXNEIE and RXHRSTDETIE interrupts. for transmission ,we have enabled TXISIE , TXMS...

Alagesan by Associate II
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USB-PD default role initialize & change

Hi supporter,I have one question: I want to change Port Role when no cable connect, can I do it?my behavior:Init usbpd with default role is Sinkwhen my application running, I see my adapter plugin, I want change my port to sinkCan I do that?

H V N D by Associate II
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Facing CRC checksum issue with STM32CubeIDE, it doesn't generate automatic checksum what are the steps need to follow generate checksum and attach end of the application. Do i need do any configuration in linker file Flash.ld ? please help me.

i am integrating STL XCUBE class-B 2.2.0 Packages with STM32L433 controller here issue with CRC test failing, what are configuration required to generate checksum attach end of application.This patch i found in the SWSTM32 IDE linker file  /* check ...

NPULI.1 by Associate II
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required I2S clock frequency

Hi, I am using MP34DT05TR-A microphone with stm32f401re mcu. What is the I2s clock frequency required to get 24bit data at 48Khz sampling frequency. I also need to know the rate at which the data will be received from I2S?. Is it same as the sampling...

KK Y.1 by Associate II
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