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Resolved! A question on use timer and samples out

Good morning everyone,I'm at my first experience with STM and between guides and tutorials I'm learning many things.But I wanted to configure a 32bit TIM5 timer on my STM32F446 board, I would like my timer to calculate a sample every 0.000001s, only ...

Daddi by Associate
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Resolved! Changing PWM Mode during runtime

Hello, I am trying to write a routine, that takes an array of structures as input and sets the timer 1 parameters. This function is called after each overflow of timer 1. I turn off the respective channels, then set the parameters, as seen in the fol...

LWIP Free RTOS Problem

Hi. I have a problem while using lwip and freertos. The board is based on stm32h743vih. The mpu configuration is done correctly i think. My problem is after i start udp server and start to send data with udp, everything is ok, but after a while i wil...

USBX CDC ACM data read bug?

This behavior seems like a bug.I’m using USBX CDC ACM on a H723 nucleo board. I’m trying to work with the blocking nature of the ux_device_class_cdc_acm_read. For my application, I would like to get data as soon as up to 256 characters are received b...

tec683 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32G474RE PA3/PC5 pin.

Hello,STM32G474RE is the processor model I use.I read ADC from pin PA3 and I read IO from pin PC5. So whether these pins are common pins in the processor hardware? How can I separate these two pins from each other?

STM32H755 with Precision Time Protocol.

Hello all,I am learning to implement a bare-minimal code that let PTP(OC, slave mode) works with STM32H755(Nucleo-H755ZI-Q with FreeRTOS). I have read RM0399, UM2217 as well as stm32h7xx_hal_eth.c with corresponding chapters. And here is the first dr...

Leon_MS by Associate III
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