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How to configure Ethernet

Hello Team,Finding difficult to configure ethernet as MII without RTOS in STM32H745I DISCOVER BOARD.In command prompt when command PING IP address of board is entered every time it shows timeout. Find images enclosed. Kindly guide me.  Best Regards,G...

ggowd.1 by Associate III
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ADC converters on STM32H562 (H5-series)

I have used several different STM32 devices over the years, but never experienced this problem. It´s simple: I cannot get the ADC´s on th H5 series to work. Is there anyone who can suggest (low level without STCubeMX etc.) the following two functions...

Resolved! STM32H7 USB DFU firmware boodloader bug

Hi, We are using STM32H7, and we found that the following instruction doesn't work: /* Test if user code is programmed starting from address 0x08020000 */ if (((*(__IO uint32_t *) USBD_DFU_APP_DEFAULT_ADD) & 0x2FFC0000) == 0x20000000) <--- It is alwa...

KSZ8895 and STM32F107 with RMII MAC to MAC

Hi,I tried to interface a STM32F107 and a 5 port ethernet switch KSZ8895RQXIA with the RMII interface.I'm not sure about the configuration (strap resistor) on the ksz.I configure it as SW5-RMII MAC to MAC Conneciton (PHY mode) :Pin 91 : PD / 86:PD / ...

Renaud1 by Associate II
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issue with UART call back function

Hello Everyone!!i am using HAL_UART_RxCpltCallback function in my program,  whenever i receive 9 bytes of data via uart an interrupt will trigger and the above mentioned function will get called and execute but  the issue is if i sent a 9 bytes comma...

Anil3 by Associate III
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