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[bug report] Bug in HAL (SPL) delay function

Posted on March 12, 2014 at 16:05Setup: I've just generated code for stm32f407 using the latest STM32CubeMX. Here's the generated code for delay function in file stm32f4xx_hal.c:void HAL_Delay(__IO uint32_t Delay) {   uint32_t timingdelay;     tim...

amomum by Associate III
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printf with HAL_UART_Transmit_IT?

Posted on November 09, 2016 at 10:34 I am new to the hal libraries (but not stm32 devices) and struggle to see howHAL_UART_Transmit_IT is expected to be used for something simple like printf over uart. Take a blocking example: void...

toby2 by Senior
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stm32cube plugin for qtcreator

Posted on May 03, 2014 at 13:19Hello, I think I have a problem similar to the one described in the post ''STM32CubeMX as Eclipse plugin on Linux 64 machine''. As I'm really reluctant to use eclipse, I would like to know if a plugin for Qtcreator is ...

Resolved! FreeRTOS and SDIO setting ?

Posted on March 24, 2017 at 14:38Everyone,I tried to run SDIO with RTOS, but never got luck,Any ideas why ?If I disabled RTOS, SDIO can run properly but if I enabled it, SDIO is stopped running..Thanks#freertos #sdio

Debug problems with STM32F030

Posted on March 26, 2017 at 21:35 Hello. I'm trying to debug code on STM32F SWD debug wire is enabled. I can get into debug mode! The problem is that the code blocks whenever a HAL_Delay() occurs. I think the problem is related to systick...

USART bootloader protocol firmware

Posted on March 26, 2017 at 10:33Good day!There is ''. And as I understa...

A qustion about osThreadId?

Posted on March 28, 2017 at 05:34 Everyone, I have a puzzle in my mind, how can I change the Id into a specific one for a different task ? on freetos.c : osThreadId defaultTaskHandle; osThreadId secondTaskHandle;�?�? on cmisis_os.h : ...