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Resolved! USBD_LL_PrepareReceive or similar after a USB Class specific SET_CURRENT request where USBD_CtlPrepareRx is used? Otherwise setup packets are no longer received.

Hi,So the way the USB class drivers are implemented is that USBD_ClassName_Setup for a SET_CURRENT request will call USBD_CtlPrepareRx to receive the SET_CURRENT data payload and then the request will be processed from the USBD_ClassName_EP0_RxReady ...

bootloader without manual pin settings

helloI am using stm32l4 series microcontroller with keil mdk arm 5 programing.Had successfully completed the booting process by manually setting boot0 pin and resetting the device using flash loader demo tool. Now i wanted to do the same without manu...

prsh by Associate II
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Resolved! "Safely" removing a USB from a system

Hi all,I am currently learning how to interface with a USB using an stm32f2 as a host.I am using the fatfs library and it is working quite well.I have a question relating how removing a USB from the system. Similar to Windows for example, they have a...

Preinstalled serial bootloader in STM32F103

Hello everybody,I'm not familiarized with hardware's industrial production. My question is about the serial (UART) built-in bootloader that comes with the Blue Pill development board. If I would like to create a new custom circuit, and print 10 test ...

Dayi by Associate
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STM32F410 RTC fails on year

When writing to RTC and then reading back, my year is always off - writing 18 gives me back 21. Tried adding delays up to a second between instructions, no joy. Using Cube and MDK, RTC is running LSE 32768 and works fine otherwise. Both read and writ...

JSirk by Associate II
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