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Resolved! CUBE MX usbd_dec.c unique Serial Number

Hi,I am using STM32G491 for the project. For USB HID class the Cube MX generates usbd_dec.c file. In this file, there is a Get_SerialNum functionstatic void Get_SerialNum(void){  uint32_t deviceserial0, deviceserial1, deviceserial2;   deviceserial0 =...

Egemen by Associate II
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Usage of file handling library functions

I tried to use fopen() on STM32Cude IDE, but it is always returning null. Please let me know how I can use the file handing functions on STM32Cube IDE. Please see my code I am using. What printf() will do here?uint num;File *fptr;if ((fptr = fopen("C...

STM32cubeIDE Download

The STM32cubeIDE caan't be downloaded from the website, nor can an update be made through the installed version. Are they any serious in noticing and rectifying this?

matolo by Associate
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ADC and Timer take too long

Hello.I get a signal ranging from 0.5V to 1.8V in the input pin of the ADC.I wrote this code to store in ADC_Buffer (1024 elements) the values read from the ADC every 10ms (when Timer_Flag = 1) .. that is, every 10ms:- first thing first the whole buf...

luke514_2-1705661593607.png luke514_5-1705677097020.png luke514_6-1705677181854.png luke514_7-1705677207407.png
luke514 by Senior
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FreeRTOS config

Hello,I'm getting started with FreeRTOS for STM32h735, and with the IDE configuration, I can compile and run projects successfully.However, I want to use FreeRTOS Plus and additional libraries. The issue is that I can't configure it with the IDE. I'v...

HispaEmo by Associate II
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stm32f4 multi instance usb cdc device

Posted on February 03, 2018 at 14:54For a USB CDC device application I use STM32CubeF4. It works very well now.Now I need a second CDC channel, which paralel the 1st CDC transmits a data stream to the host.How do I create a second USB CDC instance w...

rm2399 by Associate III
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Too long paths

While I copied several STM32 projects to an optical disk, the burner SW complained about too long paths. I have not checked the results, and my own files are what matters, but the backups may need some work before copying back to IDE.Is it possible t...

LMI2 by Lead
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