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DWT and Microsecond Delay

Hello everyoneI want to use dwt unit to create microsecand delay function. How safe is it to use the DWT unit ? Does it only work in debug mode or does it also work in runtime ?Is there a guarentee that every time the MCU is reset it will start up pr...

burakatc by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F7 PTP Support

Hello!,I got a custom PCB with a STM32F76 MCU with a PHY chip.Running Freetos CMSIS V1, and LwIP. I want to setup the MCU as a PTP slave/client. Is there a way to configure this in the .ioc file?Looking through the drivers enabled HAL_ETH_USE_PTP in ...

stevof12 by Associate
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Resolved! Stm32f429

Hi allI'm want to send a string from one stm32 to another stm32 to blink an led on it I'm using uart polling method to do that.The communication happens and led blinks only if I press the Reset button once I switch off and on power supply. What shoul...

HAL Ethernet API

Hello. I want to use raw ethernet with HAL API. Is there any example for it ? I dont want to use LWIP, just raw ethernet frames and communicate between 2 board. Any example for guide could help me alot

HAL_Delay function does not return

I have a bare metal board with an STM32H723ZGT6.I can connect and program the device.Initially I tried to use the HAL_Delay function but I found it hung the program never returning.This I determined by illuminating an LED on each side of the function...

MDeac.1 by Associate III
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Dual port ethernet

Hey,I use STM32H745, I created ETH communication on the M4 core and it works well.Now I want ETH communication with two ports, one port per core.It is possible?In each core before the main while, I do:MX_LWIP_Init();/* create new tcp pcb */tcpb = tcp...

ACohe.3 by Associate II
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Tick OS to Tick LSE Conversion

HiThis is a general question regarding entering sleep, so whatever part you know and can explain will benefit greatly.The questions are much around the function LpTimerStart, which in general converts OS ticks to LSE clock ticks. The number 1e12 ( or...

DS.4 by Senior II
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