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Resolved! Timer3 disable/enable operation

We are using Timer3 to increment a uint64_t counter for serial port operation and need to be able to grab the counter value in the main loop.  //---------------------------------------------------------------- // -------------- Timer 3 -------------...


Bootloader read memory command fails

Posted on June 13, 2017 at 09:14I'm using an STM32F103 and flashing a code into it using the bootloader. I'm successful in writing the code into the MCU, but when I try reading it using the Read Memory command (pg13) [

Timer help

Hi,i have a STM32F303RC and i have the following problem:With the Pin A2 i want to produce a sequence of 10 pulses.My attempt is to use a PWM TIMER Channel (TIM2 CH3) in one pulse Mode and retrigger it till i have generated my 10 Steps.However, my co...

pedahl by Associate II
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Resolved! Request for STM32F746ZG SPI Code Snippets

Hello STM32 community,I'm currently working on a project with an STM32F746ZG microcontroller, and I'm in need of SPI code snippets specifically tailored for this platform. I've searched extensively, but I haven't been able to find any suitable exampl...

Pluto7 by Associate II
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Dual bank booting problem

Hello!I try to use dual bank option on the stm32l476 (256kB) for implementing a custom bootloader. I want just read new program (bin) by custom protocol and write it to another bank. After that I want to switch the banks, reset mcu and start the new ...

KKlyn.1 by Associate II
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