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Resolved! I cant assign a value to variable

Hi,I am trying to assign Adc.Raw[0] and Adc.Raw[1] to Vref and Vtemp as in below code snippet. But, Vref and Vtemp gets 0. These variables never updated with Adc.Raw values.Could you please point me in the right direction ? 

demir_0-1708356711425.png demir_1-1708356733689.png
demir by Senior II
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Resolved! SD Card no file system error.

Hi,I would like to make an application to access micro sd card via SPI from STM32F407VG-DISC1 board. I have configured the pins as seen in table below.Main file is also attached. However, when I run the application I get FR_NO_FILESYSTEM error. My ca...

demir by Senior II
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Resolved! Problem when change delai of a synced timer

Hello Forum, I am struggling with a sync timer problem and I have no more idea for resolve it. Here we go :TMR5 is configured as master for TMR3TMR3 is configured as master for TMR4 I configured TMR3 as OnePulse output signal with a delai from a Outp...

mika14_0-1708009435115.png mika14_2-1708009506263.png
mika14 by Associate II
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Resolved! HAL and concurrency.

I am wondering if HAL functions have some builtin protection mechanism or if I have to wrap them around a  semaphore/mutex take/give. For example, if two tasks call `HAL_ADC_Start(&hadc1);` or `HAL_UART_Receive_IT`, what will happen? Shall I use a se...

ubaldot by Senior
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stm32f746 uclinux kernel build toolchain

hi,i'm trying to build the kernel source on the stm32f746-discoi'have forked github link of kernel source the step discriptions,-->>Steps to make the uImage :1) use `make stm32f746_disco_defconfig' to ...

Fish by Associate II
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