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About CubeMX using USB Host and Free RTOS and devices that cannot be identified by their Classcode (modems without real CDC implementation).

 When using devices that cannot be identified by ClassCode (0xFF) you have to hack usbh_core.c on the HOST_CHECK_CLASS handling and rather filter on the idVendor/idProduct. I found a better way to handle it (much cleaner) registering some class with ...

ABrid.1 by Associate
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No ACK after mass erase

I am trying to reprogram a custom board with STM32F411RC over I2C using the built-in bootloader. I am able to successfully issue the Get version, Get ID and Get command and get correct response. After that when I try to do a No-streach mass erase (da...

AKova.3 by Associate
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Serial communication parity bit.

The data frame of BootLoader of STM32F207 : a start bit, data bits, even parity bit and a stop bit.The USART data contains a even parity to send to the BootLoader, then it replies with the correct data.Theoretically, USART data has no parity bit, th...

Sarah1 by Associate
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Resolved! How to participate in webinar

Couldn't find a "general questions" category, so goes here...I've registered to STM webinar Accelerating STM32 application development with new STM32Cube Tools on Sep. 22 . I received a "Webinar login information" which has no login but only yet ag...