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Resolved! STM32F439ZI + Eth + LwIP; no ping response

Hello,i have a Nucleo-144 board, where i replaced the STM32F429ZI for a STM32F439ZI.I used CubeMX 5.2.0 to create a ethernet test project just to ping the board and go further from there, but i cant get it to work.Ethernet is enabledEthernet interrup...

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Resolved! STM32F103 Custom HID; I'm stuck

Hi all,I'm Pierre, I am new to this community!I have found many great tips for some of my problems, but I moved into custom HID and I'm stuck.So here's what I am trying to do. I have two slave cards sending I2C data to the master. This is working gre...

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STM32H7 Change USB buffers

I recently changed my SPI, I2C and USB HID to DMA. I changed buffers so they are in specific RAM sections which are accessible to DMA (RAM_D3 for I2C and RAM_D2 for SPI and USB). I am using DTCM RAM for stack, heap, data, etc. It was easy to change p...

USB type B on H7 (SOLVED)

Hi!I was thinking of building some sort of motherboard that can house a WaveShare Core H7xx STM32H7 board (so that I can connect peripherals using screw terminals). For USB communication I would use a USB type B, but I'm not sure how to connect the V...