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Resolved! while loop requires semicolon or not

When I run the below code snippet, it just runs for once, however when I added semicolon as in latter code piece, it runs as expected, continously. Could you please tell me why is the difference? /* USER CODE BEGIN WHILE */ while (1) { /* USER COD...

demir by Senior II
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Resolved! Help debugging a USB composite HID device

I'm trying to create a composite HID device, mouse+joystick. I'm using the HID mouse profile as a starting point and then add a second interface. I also used an already existing example as a guide: the Arduino core based on the HAL is maintained by S...

fbar by Senior
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STM32 Nucleo-u5a5zj USB host

I have a Nucleo-u5a5zj board and I want to connect a NewLand FM430 scanner that works as a virtual COM port. In the example, I only saw the USB CDC ACM device, but I only need the configuration for the host. Can you give me more explanation of what I...

GhostVVS by Associate II
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Resolved! Is Azure RTOS free for STM32F767xx MCUs?

Please let me know if I can use the Azure RTOS free with the STM32F767xx MCU and if it is free how can I use the same on my NUCLEO-F767ZI board? Please response as soon as possible. I need this to use the file system and also the ethernet/USB communi...

STM32H747 Adc dual mode DMA multichannel

Hi everyone, I’m using H747 eval board and I’ve configured Adc1 and adc2 (on M4) to acquire 3 signals each.I’m using DMA but I can’t read correct values in the is it composed? Which is the sequence of channels in the DMa buffer if I have,...

Resolved! FX_IO_ERROR - STM32U5 with SD Card

Hi allI'm currently working on getting the SD Card Interface (SDMMC1) to run on my Nucleo U575 board. I'm adapting the Fx_uSD_File_Edit Example of the STM32U575I-EV board.I'm running into problems when it comes to opening the SD Card media. In fx_med...

MGuth.1 by Associate III
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