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Using LwIP's sockets with CubeMX ?

I would like to use plain sockets in my non OS STM32 application.  LwIP provides plain sockets.  I have used them in ESP32 applications where they work well.LwIP sockets are not an option in CubeMX as far as I can tell.   One can manually enable sock...

Someguy by Associate III
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fast data transmission from MCU to PC

 What is the fastest way to transfer data from an MCU to a PC?I have an stm32h723zg that I want to use to transfer 40Mbits/sec data to a PC, but I am not sure what is the way to achieve this I tried USB CDC but got only 0.5Mbits/sec due to the limita...

DEska.1 by Associate II
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STM32 Nucleo 767ZI FreeRTOS benchmark

Im currently porting a CPU performance benchmark from ESP32 to STM32 that uses FreeRTOS. Im unable to make it work due to some errors that continue appearing that might suggest there is a stack overflow, but increasing the stack size doesn´t help.Deb...

Alex2968 by Associate II
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