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We are working on STM32H743BITx customized board for USB OTG FS. We have configured the MSC but unable to detect the pendrive , nothing is getting filled in USBDiskPath and appli_state is showing application start when pen drive is connected but its ...

KM L.1 by Associate II
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Hello Everyone, I am using LWIP and Mqtt drivers on stm32f767. I am able to successfully connect to MQTT broker and able to publish data also. But after publishing some 45 json strings , the device gives me "out of memory er...

sne_123 by Associate III
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Cannot find Standard Peripheral library for STM32F37x/38x. Download link, returns packages for STM32(F0) architecture - not F3.

I'm trying to download the standard peripheral library for my STM32373C eval board based on the STM32F37... I would like to have access to examples since it seems as though the STMCube IDE does not support the evaluation board yet, nor the examples f...

RTong.1 by Associate II
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Dear community, i have developed a custom board for ETH using STM32F407VGT6 and LAN8742. I m facing issues in IP fetching or dhcp connectivity

Dear community,i have developed a custom board for ETH using STM32F407VGT6 and LAN8742. In this I have used one of gpio for resetting Phy IC. but my board is not working when controller is in Run mode. Some times it fetches IP when controller is in b...

Svadi.1 by Associate
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Bootloader dual bank model

Hi everyone!I’m developing a bootloader for a STM32L476RG MCU. My actual boot works fine (it erases my flash area before start writing the new application). However, if something wrong happens in the middle of an upgrade, it’s not possible return for...

FDigi by Associate III
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Resolved! NUCLEO F413 User USB Connection

Hello!I am connecting my nucleo to my computer through the user usb. I have set FDMOD and received the USBRST message and initialized the endpoint, but after i receive ENUMDNE I never receive the RXFLVL interrupt.Here is the output of dmesg on my com...

jkasper by Associate II
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