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HardFault_Handler on sdio + FreeRTOS

HelloI am currently developing a card where I need to write logs to an SD card, for this I use an STM32F411 + plus a home made card. First I followed the following tutorial to write on the card:

bvale.2 by Associate II
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cubeIDE + Azure RTOS Netx on F4

So i need to setup a tcp server on the f4, easy as there are examples using netx. But i am forced to use HAL 1.27 which is in no way compatible with the old eth drivers, i dont need the performance win of the new ETH HAL, but whenever i try to change...

CButz.1 by Associate III
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bootloader for stm32f030k6t6

i am trying to make a bootloader for a stm32f030k6t6, i was reading the AN4325 application note, from what i understood that i can only have a USART bootloader on pins PA14/PA15 or PA9/PA10, and i have a bluetooth connected on the uart1 serial which ...

jdo by Associate II
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