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SD card SDIO 1bit is killing UART3

I am using STM32F103VGT chip and custom PCB with USB, graphics LCD (FSMC mode), RTC, CRC, ADC, TIM2, TIM4 and UART3 (DMA/IRQ).When I added SDIO, one data line (poling, IRQ or DMA) and FATFS, I noticed, that after mounting, reading and writing to SD c...

LLeva.1 by Associate III
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Flashing internal memory thru DFU Bootloader

Is it possible to flash the internal memory of a blank STM32L496ZG through USB? The device has Boot0 pulled down to GND, but all the memory banks are blank, from the application note it's unclear whether the MCU executes the embedded system bootloade...

Resolved! How to activate bootloader is not consistent across documentation for STM32G051K8Tx (I do not know about other processors.)

AN2606 Rev 55 Page 241/432 says "... bootloader is activated by applying Pattern 6... Table 2"AN2606 page 27/432 Table 2, Pattern 6. Boot0(pin) = 1, nBoot1(bit) = 1, nBoot0_SW(bit) = 1Boot0(bit) = 0, nBoot1(bit) = 1, nBoot0_SW(bit) = 0Other two cases...

CANopenNode STM32 and FreeRTOS

Does anyone have experience running CANopenNode together with FreeRTOS?Is it enough to use CO_LOCK_CAN_SEND, CO_LOCK_OD and CO_LOCK_EMCY when accessing the OD variables from other tasks?

Mat1 by Associate III
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