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freertos with c++ library in cubeide

Hi, I'm new to building by using CubeIDEActaully, I'm kind of lost for building my project.When applying freeRTOS provided by CUBEIDE, a freertos.c file is generated. I want to use including a C++ header file and C++source code and using a C++ class...

HKang.4 by Associate
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Resolved! Slave I2C interrupt issues

I am struggling to find working examples to work with FreeRTOS in an interrupt mode.I use the function HAL_I2C_Slave_Transmit_IT() This enables the interrupt as well as setting up the data.It works to a point, then the remote Master send a Nak and 8 ...

Mike xx by Associate III
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How do I output an Integer over USB?

I am trying to send some communication from an Nucleo-F412ZG board over USB. I am currently using CDC_Transmit_FS function but this seems to only send char values and I would like to be able to send an uint8_t variable and have it come out as a meani...

GTann.1 by Associate
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Use of "HAL_Delay" after "osThreadCreate"

Hi all,I am working with the Nucleo-L476RG board.I generated a project with CubeMx and enabling FreeRTOS.At this point the project is running fine.I debug the project and all is working.I put a breack point inside the "SysTick_Handler" and this hadle...

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Dev1 by Associate II
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