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USB_CoreReset fails with a TIMEOUT error.

I am trying to run a USB HS example with external PHY on NUCLEO-F756ZG. As I count find example I have gone ahead and created code from scratch. I am using USB3300 external PHY. I have made the proper connection except for RST and +5V to the module b...

Jayesh2 by Associate II
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Resolved! In stm32h743, in SPI, enabling the EOT IRQ after the other IRQs are enabled makes the SPI ISR to be fired endlessly. Why?

In stm32h743, in SPI, I have a slave device with interrupts enabled. In particular, I'm enabling all the error interrupts (UDR, OVR, CRCERR, FRE, MODF), and the RXP, TXP and EOTIE interrupts, in that order.If I enable EOTIE the first of all of them, ...

DGast.1 by Associate III
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LL UART Interrupt

Where can I find a complete compilation of the LL Api, especially what USART handling is concerned?I'm trying to implement (with FreeRTOS underlying) a ring buffer driven I/O system to read from and write to UARTs.Do I understand it right? There is o...

usb msc host or msc device dynamic selection.

I want to configure a USB device using STM32F746.I want to select the USBH MSC Host and Device as needed (without rebooting..).In CubeMX, only "Host Only" or "Device Only" can be selected.When selecting DualRole in CubeMX, a library is not created.I ...

SKIM.6 by Associate
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STM32H723VE Ethernet

Hello,I'm using the STM32H723VE chip in my project and I'm having some difficulties getting the Ethernet interface fully functional. Used this chip with the KSZ8041 and I'm giving ping. I enabled the D-Cache and I-Cache, performed the MPU settings. I...

GTrin.2 by Associate
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