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Problem writing to flash (STM32F051K6U6)

HiI'm using MikroC and try to play with FlashMy problem: even if area seem ok between "bootloader" and "program", I can see program area is not complete and is writed in bootloader area.If you can help me ... thanks !#pragma orgall 0xC0 /?   #define...

JFELI.13 by Associate III
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Systick is not ticking in Custom Bootloader for STM32H743 after jumping to the main application and then coming back to the Bootloader

I have written a Custom Bootloader for STM32H743. It resides at 0x08000000 (Sector 0) and occupies for a maximum of 1 sector (128KB). The main application resides at 0x08040000 (Sector 1 thru sector 7). Upon reset, Custom Bootloader starts and chec...

smati2 by Associate II
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