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Purpose of HAL_TIM_Encoder_MspInit?

I have been learning my way around the encoder mode in the hardware timers, specifically on a Nucleo L432KC. I got it working within CubeIDE, but I wanted to program using STM32Duino and PlatformIO, so I tried a library for this that someone else wro...

HMorg.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! FreeRTOS + UART Strange Behavior

Hi, I'm trying to practice FreeRTOS with my STM32F769I-Eval kit.I made two task with different priority and print global variable with semaphore.When I run my code, terminal print decreased value every time.  I don't know why. Here is my mai...

ELee.9 by Associate II
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STM32L432KC USB VBUS Sensing

Hello,I'm currently working on a self-powered project that uses an STM32L432KC. From reading AN4879 I see that I have to enable VBUS sensing because it is mandatory for self-powered USB devices. Using CubeMX, I cannot enable VBUS sensing for the MCU....

Henri1 by Associate
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STM32L496 ADC in single ended channel

Hello,I am trying to run a simple code for the reading of a single channel of one of the three ADCs available on the STM32L496. I have tried to use different channels while using the code generated from STM32CubeIDE. I use the default configurations ...

Georgios by Associate
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Use of a library from multiple applications

Hi, i was thinking about placing some libraries in a reserved area on the flash and access them from two or more applications. For instatnce a bootloader and the corresponding application. I would like to update them, that's way don't like to incopo...

MOtto.2 by Associate II
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