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USB Host mode in STM32F429ZI nucleo board

Hi I'm using STM32F429ZI Nucleo board to work on integrating C270 Logitech camera through USB host. I'm not getting any interrupt in the USB IRQ handler when the device is connected. And it is said that LD8 LED will be ON when the USB is in device or...

RAnan.3 by Associate III
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Crash when using bootloader to turn off protection

Can anyone confirm whether my understanding of the following behaviour is correct (and whether there's any way round it):When the built in bootloader has been entered by jumping to it from firmware (i.e. the BOOT0 pin is NOT pulled high), and the boo...

s_ by Associate III
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STM32G473CBT freezes jumping to bootloader

I have a custom board using the STM32G473CBT6 MCU. BOOT0 is pulled-down by a 100k resistor and is used as GPIO (output) at runtime. The firmware is generated by CubeMX, with the addition of a C++ file for the 'user' application. The board works fine,...

StefanH by Associate III
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