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DCMI Crop feature

Hi all, I recently started learning about st-controllers and I am stuck in this, any help would be greatly appreciated.I am working with stmf746, I wanted to crop the captured image with DCMI crop feature, I am configuring crop window size and offset...

lglad by Associate
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Webusb descriptor for stm32f767

Hello, I am trying to add the webusb descriptor to this code snippet to include the landing url but I cannot see a get device descriptor request for the webusb url in the request handling part of the code.__ALIGN_BEGIN uint8_t USBD_FS_BOSDesc[] __ALI...

WIF by Associate II
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PWM phase shift for dual active bridge

I have a dual active bridge and I am supposed to do leading and lagging phase shift to achieve that. This needs to be a precise shift to the lowest degree of 1. I am using an STM32F429. This is the logic I am using:HAL_TIM_PWM_Start(&htim3, TIM_CHANN...

Gaia by Associate
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USB CDC works on STM32G431 but not STM32L151

Hi, I am trying to setup USB CDC as virtual COM port on STM32L151. I just enabled it through cubeMX and connected the wires. Windows keep saying device not recognized.I just did the exact same thing with STM32G431. An empty project with just USB CDC ...

HKaze.2 by Associate
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Resolved! Upgrade from STM32L432KB to STM32L432KC

Hi Everyone,I'm upgrading our firmware from STM32L432kb with 128k flash memory to STM32L432KC with 256k flash memory. both micro controllers are  exactly the same except for the flash memory size difference. To accommodate this change I changed my co...

RTOS Task management "architecture"

Hello everyone.This is more of a general RTOS question regarding the approach of task management. I've got everything pretty much working but im certain there is a better solution than mine. I'm using FreeRTOS with the CMSIS v2 wrapper.Background:The...

XD by Associate II
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strange long eth transmission

I am using  STM32H735AGI with freertos + lwip + no dcacheI have an udp echo server on the device and a udp echo client in python that runs on the pcThe client sends messages with a length of 3 TCP_MSSIn the following logs the first number is the tick...

STM DFU driver installer

Hello,We have developed a product based on STM32M4 and would like to enable our clients to do DFU firmware update. We have develop a Windows based app which will include STM32_Programmer_CLI and make use of it. Although we would need our client to in...