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FFT implementation sinewave

Hi everyone. This is the first time I have to implement the FFT of a signal and I can't understand a few things.I wrote this code that "should" calculate the coefficients of the FFT of a sine wave in that I create with the DAC (the DAC code to genera...

luke514 by Senior
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Stm32h7 custom bootloader

Hi there,I'm new on stm32 platform and I'm also new on the bootloaders applications.I'm trying to arrange a custom bootloader for stm32h755 mcu to permit remote firmware updates of our products.My idea is to implement the bootloader application on th...

iTTy by Associate III
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Implementing 2 UART on same port

Hello,I am trying to implement 2 separate UART channels on the single port. I have initialized the two UART channels and have connected the TXs and RXs of the two channels with each other. (Image attached)When I run them separately, they work just fi...

HDesa.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Open multiple files with FileX

Hi all,I am using FileX with my Nucleo-U575ZI-Q, and I want to be able to open multiple files at the same time.Now every time I try to do this, the first file opens fine no problems but when I try to open another file (without closing the first) I ge...

joeSD by Associate II
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