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USB OTG dual role - auto switch over - configuring

Hello,We are using a STM32F407 discovery board. We need to configure the USB as OTG/Dual_Role_Device. I have each (USB Host and USB Device) working in separate projectsIn CubeMX when I select OTG/Dual_Role_Device, the USB_DEVICE and USB_HOST are gray...

BAW by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32F407 to STM32F407 USB communications

Hello,I am new to STM32 parts and USB. We are looking at using USB to communicate between two STM32F407 boards.Can anyone give some insight as to the best way to do this?What USB classes should be used?Any examples of this?Thanks,Brent

BAW by Associate III
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CIMSIS 5.9 (Source) - missing dependencies

Hello Community!I just started a new project and wanted to use CMSIS 5.9 - as it finally can be installed from the package without errors.Until now I only used CMSIS 5.7 als library, which worked pretty well. Unfortunately since 5.9 there is no libra...

a4.png a3.png a1.png a2.png
CBerg by Senior
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SDIO Error when use SD NAND chip

I have been using microSD chips reliably for many years with stm32f4, stm32h7 and stm32l4.But for one of my products, where space is at a premium, I am trying to use a SD-NAND chip XTSD04G, and I am running into occasional errors where an SDIO R1 com...

Danish1 by Lead II
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Resolved! CUBE MX usbd_dec.c unique Serial Number

Hi,I am using STM32G491 for the project. For USB HID class the Cube MX generates usbd_dec.c file. In this file, there is a Get_SerialNum functionstatic void Get_SerialNum(void){  uint32_t deviceserial0, deviceserial1, deviceserial2;   deviceserial0 =...

Egemen by Associate II
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