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ST-Link Upgrade jar Error on Mac

I downloaded the latest version STSW-LINK007 from the site and tried to run it on my Mac in terminal with command "java -jar STLinkUpgrade.jar". This resulted in the error:```Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /Users/john/Down...

Programming a single processor

Hello everyone. I'm new to this platform. I'm working on PCB design and just started learning. Currently, I'm working as an intern at an avionics company. I've been asked to work on a project using a microcontroller and an IMU sensor. Due to the avai...

smldgns3 by Associate
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STM32H747 CORDIC Coprocessor

Hello everyone,I would like to use the CORDIC coprocessor to calculate angles on an STM32H7. The description is in the attached links. However, I have an evaluation board with an STM32H747 (dual core), and I wanted to know if the CORDIC coprocessor i...

JoGraf by Associate
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Resolved! JTAG connection of STM32G474RET6

HelloI am new user of a STM products.Now I am developing a board based on STM32G474RET6 MCU.I want to connect STDC14  connector for JTAG programming through STLINK-V3SET.I understand that pull-up and pull down resistors on JTCK, JTMS and JTDI are int...

AlexHalf by Associate III
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Doing STLinkV3 right...

My embedded designs almost exclusively use STM32 uCs. Although I have quite a few official ST-manufactured STLink V2 and V3, what I have relied on for years are the "aluminum shell" STLinkV2 clones that are insanely inexpensive (under $3), rugged, co...

DAlbe.3 by Senior
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