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Resolved! How to find GPIO pin for Adc module

Hello everyone,i want to config gpio pin as adc chanels on stm32f103c8t6, i have read the GPIO chapter and ADC chapter,but i can not find out what is GPIO pin for each ADC chanel,example GPIOA_pin0 for ADC1_chanel0...,what is the chapter describe abo...

BinhTsks by Associate II
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How to program clone ST-Link V2.1

Hi, I am making my clone ST-Link v2.1 device using 128 KB STM32F103CBT6 mcu. Please help clarify as follows: 1) Do I need to set Boot 0 pin = 1 and Boot 1 pin = 0 in order to program the bootloader into the device?2) Do I need to set Boot 0 pin = 0 a...

STehA.1 by Associate II
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STM32G474 discovery kit no voltage at Vin

Hi all, I am trying the voltage mode buck converter provided by ST with my STM32 discovery kit. I followed the instructions from an5497-buck-current-mode-with-the-bg474edpow1-discovery-kit-stmicroelectronics.pdf and the program files are directly dow...

OFN by Associate II
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B-G474E-DPOW1 does not connect to PC

I am trying to connect to the B-G474E-DPOW1 developement kit with my PC, i followed the steps reported in the um2577 LD6 and LD7 light up but the led LD9 remains off, what could be the issue?I correctly installed the ST-LINK drivers, i tried to updat...

0693W00000HptLnQAJ.png 0693W00000HptLyQAJ.png
MColu.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F407 Discovery 1 board - CAN support

Hello,I am new to STM parts. We are using STM32F407 Discovery 1 evaluation boards. I was wanting to configure the two boards to communicate over CAN with one another.In STMCubeMx, I select the STM32F407 Discovery 1 board and see the following that CA...

BAW by Associate III
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