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ST-LINK server - what is it?

Hi,I stumbled on the ST-LINK server in the ST website ( was hoping it's their cross-platform GDB-server, supporting Windows/Linux.The popular st-util (by stlink) doesn't satisfy my needs.S...

Resolved! Pin 1 and 2 on STDC14 of STLINK-V3SET

Is it ok to connect boot0 from STM32 (with a 10k pulldown to GND) to one of pin 1 or 2 on STDC14 from STLINK-V3SET?The pins are 'reserved' regarding to the STLINK-V3SET manual p. 23 with the comment 'Do not connect on target' The boot0 should be igno...

BWate.1 by Associate
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ST link is not detected on windows 7

i am using windows 7 os and i have installed stm32cube(1.4) ide and i tried to flash the software to the discovery board but it is not flashed since it has been showing "ST link not detected!please connect ST-Link and restart the program".even i didn...

VPuvv.1 by Associate
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