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I have a hardware in which I am using the 144 pin STM32F407ZGT6 and it workings fine. I upgraded my MCU to STM32F767ZGT6 and I am not able to program the IC. Read protection is enabled and it is not getting removed.

The MCU is brand new. I have tried multiple hardware, multiple MCU ICs, multiple programmers. I have upgraded my programmer and also tried the STM32CubeProgrammer also. The MCU is not getting hot and current consumption is nominal. On the same hardwa...

AGoel.0 by Associate
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I'm a complete newbie. If your goal was to learn about MCU operation in general and it was a requirement that you could display, on a PC, the contents of MCU registers, what ST products do you think would you buy?

I think I need some kind of evaluation board with ST-Link. Would it matter in your choice, if the design goal was to produce a WAV pl;ayer using an MCU?EDIT: Not sure whether I've chosen the right forum.

INU by Associate II
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Resolved! Nucleo L432KC Pinout

I have a question to the Pinout of my L432KC..Iam using I2C1 and SPI1(Miso, Mosi,Scl)Can i use pin PA_9 and PA_10 as GPIO for different things while iam using IIC ? or are they connected togher ? (like PA9 with PB6 and PA10 with PB7 )

MSimo.1 by Associate II
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